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Is The Painted Back Glass Backsplash Right For Your Remodel?

A painted back glass backsplash is a type of decorative backsplash option made with glass. The glass is painted and often sealed with a glossy finish, providing an interesting and modern look. This particular method of painted glass is done from behind, so no sealant is required. Utilizing this type of backsplash can be used to create an eye-catching feature in any kitchen or bathroom.

A painted back glass backsplash can add a beautiful and durable touch to any kitchen. It provides a low-maintenance option to traditional tile backsplashes, while offering the versatility to customize with unique colors and finishes. Painted back glass is also easy to clean, making it ideal for areas prone to splatters and spills. Additionally, it can provide a stunning focal point that works with both modern and traditional kitchen designs.

With so many designs to choose from, here are a few tips on choosing the right style to fit into your home:

1. Think about the overall aesthetic you would like to create. If your kitchen is modern, you may want to choose a design with clean lines for a sleek and contemporary look. If your kitchen is more traditional, you can choose a patterned design for a more classic feel.

2. Our design team will help you choose the colors and pattern for your backsplash. Consider the color combinations in your new kitchen when selecting the shade of glass paint you'd like to use. Some people choose a solid color for a clean look. Remember that the painted glass will reflect light, so choose colors that will work with your natural lighting.

3. At this point, a custom template is created for your backsplash by our local fabricator and installer, DT Glass. DT Glass will custom cut the backsplash in their local fabrication facility and their professional installation crew will install it.

4. Finally, enjoy the results of your hard work! You'll be able to admire your backsplash for many years to come.

Here is a picture of a recent painted back glass backsplash from one of our projects that was done in partnership with DT Glass in Oregon City. The customer chose a beautiful silhouette of the Portland skyline. When it comes to designs, the sky really is the limit (pun intended!) so we encourage you to get creative with the design process. We love the personalized touch and attention to detail with the overall look and feel it gives to the space!

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